How has your company developed in the last six months? 

Six months ago, my company KeinoX was just established, but it was not in operation. Now it is my work.

KeinoX is a Scientific Service Company selling materials research as a service for manufacturing companies. Although there are many this kind of companies around Europe, the concept is new in Finland. The first months of operation have gone fast, and my main task has been in spreading the word about the services that KeinoX offers.

And I have developed as an entrepreneur during these months, too. I have learned marketing and business operation skills in addition to my earlier materials research skills.

From whom have you received support? 

I have received monetary support from the state. I got a start-up grant. It is a small monthly money that is granted to support new full-time entrepreneurs at the beginning, when company generates only low income. Quite many of us new entrepreneurs receive that support in Finland.

I consider that I have got also indirect support from Business Finland, since KeinoX has been approved to be an innovation voucher service provider. If customer company meets the conditions of innovation voucher receiver, it can get 100% support from Business Finland to by analysis, measurements, and services from KeinoX.

In addition to the monetary support, I want to mention that I have got a lot of intangible support from my family and friends.

How did you like the CAROTS StartUp School? 

I got useful information from CAROTS StartUp School. There we talked about:

  • elevator pitch
  • pitching to customers and funders
  • entrepreneurial mindset & jump from scientist to entrepreneur
  • business model canvas
  • business plan
  • swot analysis
  • financial plan
  • pricing
  • IPRs

Were you able to apply the contents of the StartUp School?

Yes. The content has been useful.

What advice do you have for future founders of scientific service companies?

Just do it! Produce a detailed business plan at CAROTS StartUp School and begin to work accordingly. (You can modify the plan later, whenever needed.)

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