On 22nd September 2020 the CAROTS project reached a significant milestone: On the signing of a Letter of Intent the European network ‘Mediators connecting Industry to X-rays and Neutrons’ came officially into being. The network aims to support its members in several ways:

  1. Speak with one voice towards facilities and political stakeholders in order to increase visibility and awareness of value creation by mediators
  2. Reach new customers and collaborate on improved customer service by activating the complementary competences in the network
  3. Advocate for easier non-academic access and use of facilities

The network intends to meet one to four times a year and support this vision by a range of initiatives.

Recognition of value creation by mediators will be increased by activities such as collection of case stories and statistics, and communicating these to customer groups, large-scale facilities, and political stakeholders. This will in turn raise awareness of mediators as valuable collaboration partners in problem solving tasks and projects.

A webpage describing the network will be created, and representation at websites for relevant organisations, facilities and projects will be pursued.

The strengthening of relations within the network will enable a deeper mutual knowledge of the members’ respective expertise and thereby allow for exchange of ideas as well as for collaboration in best covering customers’ needs. The network can also collaborate in organising events and workshops targeting specific customer groups.

Impact at synchrotron and neutron facilities will be sought by providing input directly to the facilities and through user organisations or other channels. A main goal will be to obtain improved conditions for the mediators’ facility access, focusing on limiting bureaucracy and ensuring efficient interaction between facilities and mediators.

Who can become a member? All entities providing commercial analytical services and interacting with synchrotrons or neutron facilities.

Among the founding members are the following institutions:

CR Competence AB

Danish Technological Institute

Excelsus Structural Solutions (Swiss) AG

Finden Ltd


Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE)

SARomics Biostructures AB

Science-SAVED (France)

Uppsala Synchrotronix AB

Xploraytion GmbH

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