Calling all scientists interested in turning entrepreneurs

Are you...

  •     a scientist or engineer with experience in an advanced analytical method
  •     interested in bridging the gap between science and industry by providing consulting services based on advanced scientific measurement methods
  •     playing with the idea of becoming a “sciencepreneur” and turning your skills into a business? 

Example of scientific service company:

Finden research scientist Antony Vamvakeros, PhD, working at ID15, ESRF to develop the next generation X-ray imaging (photo courtesy of Finden Ltd, UK)

Read our case study on Finden 


Then you should join us at the CAROTS STARTUP SCHOOL where...

  •     we will provide you with direct access to some of Europe’s leading CEOs of scientific service companies
  •     you can take part in tailored webinars 
  •     you will get the opportunity to join a European network of likeminded people 

The scope is not limited to certain methods or industrial sectors. Be it life science, materials science, chemistry, pharma research – if you think you can provide an advanced analytical technique which is of interest for science driven SMEs and/or large industrial R&D departments, tell us about your skills and ideas and join us for the CAROTS STARTUP SCHOOL for Scientific Service Companies!

You might already be thinking about your next career step, just exploring different options or want to gain some business know-how. We have something fun and educational that we feel could help you in choosing the right path.

Example scientific service company: 

Dr. Emely Bortel and Dr. Christian Seim conducting data analysis and visualisation of synchrotron-based measurements (photo courtesy of Xploraytion GmbH, Germany)

Read our case study on Xploraytion 


Does this sound interesting to you?

Who can apply?

You are a scientist or engineer (you can register individually or as a team):

  •    working as researcher at a university or other research institution
  •    who has an idea for a new scientific service company
  •    whose idea is based on an advanced analytical technique 
  •    who has found that there is a need in industry for this technique and your expertise in it

Please send your completed application form by email to


Confidentiality agreement

All parties involved are bound by a confidentiality agreement to maintain the confidentiality of all information accessible to them within the framework of the CAROTS STARTUP SCHOOL. The rights of use and publication of the ideas lie solely with the STARTUP SCHOOL participants.

Data protection statement

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