Feedback from the 2021 CAROTS startup school participants: 

Photo: Ahmet Bahadir Yildiz, CEO and Co-founder of company Scatterin & alumni from the CAROTS Startup School 2021 

"I think we saved some months and probably years of experience, thanks to the start-up school," said Yildiz. "It was really in-detail, it included everything we need, from finding customers and being customer-oriented to practicalities - like cashflow - things you don't normally think about very much in the beginning."

Photo: Solange Sanahuja, CEO and founder Crispy AI 
“The inputs from the CEOs fit exactly the challenges we are facing whilst trying to found our scientific service company.
The school is also enabling me to network EU-wide and potentially find new collaborators.”

Feedback from our CEO coaches: 

Photo: Bernhard Hesse, CEO Xploraytion

“It felt like I moved back in time because they had the same questions that we had in mind when we started our company five years ago.” 



Photo: CEO Anna Stenstam, CR Competence, Sweden 

“I wish I would have attended something similar when I started. Scientific Service Companies are catalysts and are important in helping others to become unicorns.” 

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