Part of the output from the project CAROTS includes various publications. Their aim is to explain why a project aimed at further developing the relationship between science, research and industry as well as making CAROs (Commercial Analytical Research Organisations) more visible as great change agents for the European innovation system is necessary.

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Read the most important take outs as well as commentaries delivered at the CAROTS mid-term conference on 15 September 2020.


CAROTS mid-term presentation: Key aims and principles of the project


"Bringing industry and science closer together to solve industrial and societal challenges"
The CAROTS Policy Brief is a guide on how to empower specialised Scientific Service Companies.


The report describes existing access modes by CAROs to Research Institutions and universities, needs for further development and political recommendations. It features information on all the partner countries of the project and an analysis of the available access modes as well as recommendations for improvements.


An analysis of the nature of CAROs in Europe. In the first part of this report, existing CAROs are identified, and then financial and other data of existing CAROs is provided and analysed. The second part contains an assessment of potential CARO markets with a particular focus on the medical sector, as well as a SWOT analysis.


DRAFT VERSION: A business model analyses of Commercial Analytical Research Organisations, stating that most CAROs provide a useful combination of three products: 1) Conducting research 2) Providing Services e.g. analysing data 3) and Acting as a consultant by understanding the data for the client.

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