Online Symposium

26 October, 2020 to 29 October, 2020

Symposium „Photon and Neutron Science in the Baltic Sea Region“

October 26-29, 2020

1st part: online conference on October 26

2nd part: online hackathon on October 27-29

The symposium will be held for researchers, large- and small-scale research infrastructures and their users, and industry in the Photon and Neutron Science in the Baltic Sea Region.

The Symposium consist of two parts: an international online conference and hackathon.

The online conference (1st part of the Symposium) with its speakers and presentations will help the participants to generate/develop collaboration ideas about how research could be carried out in traditional and ‘novel’ ways of using photons and neutrons as methods. The ideas shared and generated during the online conference will be further elaborated on and developed during the hackathon.

The online hackathon (2nd part of the Symposium) will support the participants in the matchmaking process and facilitate the formation of joint ideas for collaboration. The hackathon will result in preparation and submission of draft proposals for cooperation projects

Please note that there are limited number of places available for the participants. Participants from the Baltic Sea Region are especially encouraged to participate and will be preferred in case of full booking.

Please find more information and the link for registration here.


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