Interview with Ahmet Bahadir Yildiz

How has your company developed in the last six months?

  • We have focused on our first project and worked on business development. As of this month, we have started our second project. During the last 6 months period, we have also tried to get a better understanding of the industry’s needs and approaches.


From whom have you received support?

  • We are in KTH Innovation’s pre-incubator program and among other things, it provides us weekly training in various topics, business coaching, and funding to facilitate our readiness level. We also appreciate Vinnova’s (Sweden's Innovation Agency) funding within the LIGHTer and Research infrastructure - utilization and collaboration projects.


How did you like the CAROTS StartUp School?

  • CAROTS was a great start for us and provided the first kick we needed to realize our idea. We received valuable lectures and coaching from successful CEOs, and saw how business can develop. I should also mention the power of School when it comes to networking. After the final presentation day, we officially started Scatterin last summer.


Were you able to apply the contents of the StartUp School?

  • Yes! What we learned during the School was first-hand experience of the CEOs and I still check my notes, especially "Do's and don'ts from CEOs". For a person with no prior business knowledge, the School and its timing were a great chance for our Scatterin idea. We are still in contact with our CEO coach.


What advice do you have for future founders of scientific service companies?

  • As the transition from academia to business is challenging, one should be seeking help and ready to collaborate, i.e. founding team. CAROTS is developed for future scientific service companies, and I strongly recommend future founders to get a seat in the program. Since most of us are university spin-offs, one should also have close contact with universities’ innovation offices to make the transition as smooth as possible. One last point, it is always great to start with a small market analysis to validate if there is a need in the field.
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